Personal Vital Relationship with God

    We value each individual’s relationship with God, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, as the basis for a passionate, growing faith.

    The Authority of Scripture

    We value obedience to The Bible as God’s reliable, true and authoritative Word for our lives.


    We value corporate and individual prayer as a powerful avenue for communion with our Lord.

    Relationship with Others

    We value community, fellowship and unity, recognizing that as God loves us we are called to reflect His love and compassion to each other.

     Service and Mission

    We value using our spiritual gifts, given by the Holy Spirit, as God’s hands and feet spreading the gospel to a lost and hurting world.


    Disciple Making

    We value discipling, mentoring and training to strengthen and nurture the body of  believers as preparation for meeting the challenges and opportunities associated with being an imperfect Christian in a sinful world.


    Holy Living

    We value the joy of living as God intended us to live as witness to the community and others.


    Collectively Worshipping God

    We value declaring the worth of God as a body of believers, united in meaningful worship.