Kids Klub Registration

    Kids Klub runs on Thursday evenings beginning October 5 at 6:00 p.m for children in grades 1-5. We sing, play games, do activities and learn from the Bible. The cost is $35 per child (family max. $70). If you would like more information or to pay by e-transfer, please contact

    To register - please use this online REGISTRATION FORM.

    On the registration you will asked to choose an elective for each child. These will run for the month of October with new electives being offered each month.

    1.  Budding Bakers: Learn all the cool techniques of baking and make a delicious recipe each week. Of course you get to eat the results before you leave. A small recipe booklet will be given to each ‘budding baker’ as your take-home at the end of the elective with the recipes for the yummy concoctions you made so you can wow your family with your talents.

    2.  Fabulous Floor Hockey: Whistle…..”Face Off!” Do you love hockey? Great! Let’s go over the basic skills of hockey – passing, shooting, positioning, and teamwork. Get active and learn all the floor hockey strategies to help your team in the game each week. 

    3.  Acrylic Flow Painting: Learn a different Flow Painting technique each week and create a dynamic painting with all your favourite colours mixed on a canvas everyone will be wowed by. Paint shirts will be provided. Plan to get messy! Playing with colour and paint is a blast!

    If you child is interested in more than 1 - keep an eye out because their other interest may come back again in another set of electives later in the year.